An Attractive Calling

Sermon: An Attractive Calling
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Pastor Frank continues in his Pastoral Epistles Series with a teaching from 1 Timothy 3:1-4. Most human ‘aspiring’ does not rise to the righteous level of ‘one who strives to be an overseer.’ We are in a constant battle to weigh our desires as to whether they are pleasing unto God or merely pleasing ourselves. Jesus has made it possible through His Holy Spirit for men and women to aspire to those things that are truly ‘beautiful and attractive.’

No Joking Matter

Sermon: No Joking Matter
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Continuing in his Pastoral Epistle’s Series; Pastor Frank challenges us to not only pray for our President; but to pray using his name. He reminds us from 1 Timothy 2:1-4 of the pleasure this brings to our Lord as well as the promises that we too can claim. It’s time we prayed more as a church for the leaders and authorities who serve us from the home to the Capitol. All joking aside.

Opening Words

Sermon: Opening Words
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Pastor Frank began his first sermon for 2021 with three phrases the Apostle Paul used in 1 Timothy 1:1-2. “Christ Jesus, ‘God our Savior’ and ‘Christ Jesus our Hope’ when closely considered were a good Segway into the communion service. This was the first of a series of messages He plans to preach out of the Pastoral Epistles.

Christmas Has Come

Sermon: Christmas Has Come
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Quoting Pastor Frank Jewett, ‘This morning, as we see Christmas coming; I want to get even a little more precise with you. I would suggest the ‘Christmas may be coming, but need to remind all of you Christ followers and you who are seekers that ‘Christmas Has Already Come.’ Pastor used John 1:1-14 to prove his point by focusing in on Jesus, God’s Son, coming to earth; taking on flesh; qualifying to become the sacrifice for our sins. The gift that fits everyone.

Am I Seeing Angels?

Sermon: Am I Seeing Angels?
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Pastor Frank leads us in a study of the angels and their part in the Christ Story. Their visits to Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds. These heavenly beings were a part of Jesus’ life and teaching up to His last breath and beyond. Their purpose and blessing to the believer was fleshed out in the message. A challenge and a warning were given as well.

What The Song Says

Sermon: What The Song Says
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Using phrases out of the familiar Christmas Carol, ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ to support teachings out of John 17; Pastor Frank encourages the believers to ask to receive your gift of salvation; Use your gift when you receive it and be quick to proclaim to others how they can receive their gift. Our blood bought gift is ready to be delivered. It’s time for us to also discover the added benefits that accompany our salvation gift.

A Loving Instinct

Sermon: A Loving Instinct
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

The whole Bethany family attended the meal Simon, the leper, hosted in Matthew 26. Pastor Frank pointed out that three of the gospels record the account of Lazarus’ and Martha’s sister and her anointing of Jesus. He compared Mary’s response to Jesus as well as Judas’ response to him and to her. A peek into the hearts of these two individuals has much to teach us about loving people with Christ’s Spirit who lives in us. #Loving Instinct

The King of Hearts

Sermon: The King of Hearts
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Many people; even God minded people are feeling anxious these days. Emotional issues are affecting our hearts literally and figuratively. Pastor Frank Jewett gives us good news. ‘There is in our universe ‘A King of Hearts.’ One who can handle the heart issues with which each of us deals. Be encouraged as you move with Pastor Frank through the scriptures which clearly shows us all who it is who searches, transforms and changes hearts today.

Come On Down!

Sermon: Come On Down
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Jesus was not asking us to go back to being children again in Matthew 18:2-6. Pastor Frank R. Jewett explains how Jesus used his illustration of a child to teach his disciples Humility. Watch as pastor mixes in present day politics to illustrate his points. Jesus’ example of humility is rehearsed as the congregation prepares for sharing communion together.