Our History

Advent Christians trace their roots back over one hundred and fifty years to the life and ministry of William Miller. He was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. As a farmer and United States army captain, he lived in upstate New York.
William Miller became a Christian in the late 1820s.
His study of the Bible convinced him of the soon return of Jesus Christ to earth.
Captain Miller’s work caused evangelical churches to take seriously the Bible’s teaching regarding Christ’s Second Advent (return to earth).
From 1840 until the turn of the twentieth century, Advent Christian churches were established by traveling pastors and evangelists across the United States and Canada.The Advent Christian Church
(officially called the Advent Christian General Conference)
was organized in 1860 in Salem Massachusetts. At first the General Conference simply provided some organization for the new churches and printed a large number of books, tracts and newspapers. As the churches grew, so did the concern for
proclaiming Christ’s gospel.Our church began as a small group of believers in the Second Coming of Christ and separated from the Old South Church, Washington Square, Haverhill, Mass.
We were first recognized as a church by the Advent Christian General Conference of America on April 4, 1872.
The first meetings were held in homes and later in a hall on Washington Square in Haverhill.It was known as The Society and was served by the Elders.
In 1875 a Chapel was erected on Walnut Street, and was known as the Walnut Street Second Advent Christian Church.Picture of The first Advent Christian Church building, erected on Walnut Street in 1875. (photo circa 1916)
Rev. John Couch served as the first full time pastor in 1877.
In 1889 the Chapel was jacked-up and a vestry built beneath for the Sunday School. Early in 1907 plans were made to relocate and land was purchased to build a new church.
In 1908 a new structure was built at 108 Winter Street, Haverhill. This building was dedicated to the Lord’s service and served Him well for many years.
In 1996 the Lord again laid it upon our hearts to sell our building and once more relocate   within the city limits of Haverhill. As we prayed for His leading, a Hispanic
congregation, known as La Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal MI, approached us about purchasing the building. Stepping out in faith we felt led to sell the building to them.      The Hispanic Church was better equipped to minister to the Spanish speaking community around this current location.
We continued to conduct our services as tenants of the Spanish Church, waiting upon the Lord as we moved forward with plans for a new church location.
Seeking the Lord’s guidance we started looking for a new building or land to build upon.Picture of ACCoH Parsonage and barn from Broadway in Haverhill
After looking a bit the Lord led us to the Goudreault property located at the corner of Broadway and Carleton Street, just off route 495.
The property included land,  a  barn, and big farmhouse.Picture of ACCoH new home under construction

Ground breaking for a new church building took place in early 2000 and the first Worship Service in the New Church building at 160 Carleton Street was held August 5 of 2001.The New Church Building was dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ early in September of 2001. Picture of Current ACCoH facility 160 Carleton Street, Haverhill
Over these many years our location has changed a few times and our name has been revised from the Walnut Street Advent Christian Church, to The Second Advent Christian Church, to the current Advent Christian Church of Haverhill.
Our focus however has remained the same and our message is as fresh today as it was when we started those many years ago.
We serve the risen Savior Jesus Christ who sits at the right hand of God. We remain faithful, working in this community and abroad. Waiting and watching for the return of Our Lord.

Documented Pastoral timeline

Rev. John Couch
Church Elders
Rev. A. W. Sibley
Rev. G. W. Sederquist
Rev. Calvin Shattuck
Rev. L. F. Baker
Rev. John Goodwin
Rev. William H. Sannin
Rev. D. T. Call
Rev. Arthur G. Lyons
Rev. A. H. Bissell
Rev. James L. McLaughlin
Rev. Delbert L. Campbell
Rev. Harley Hewitt
Rev. Allen B. Hodges
Rev. Rena Brown
Rev. Melvin White
Rev. Rena Brown
Rev. Glenwood C. Jordan
Rev. Harold L. Faulkingham
Rev. Philip E. Hett
Rev. Paul Bertolino
Asst. Pastor Jill Curtis
Dr. Douglas Stuart (Interim)
Rev. George Waterman
Dr. Douglas Stuart (Interim)
Rev. Clinton Taber
Rev. Donald Plummer
Rev. David VanHeisen
Dr. Gary Bailey (Interim)
Rev. Eddie Carter (Interim)
Rev. Timothy Fox
Rev. Bernard Bowse
Rev. Burton LeBo
Rev Gordon Isaacs (Interim)
Rev. Sean Donnelly
Rev. Rex Hutto (Interim)
Rev. Frank Jewett
Rev. Russell Giasson