Word’s Out

Sermon: Word’s Out
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Using 2 Timothy 1:1-10; Pastor Frank showed us how the Apostle encouraged, his son, Timothy, to join him in suffering for the gospel. God has throughout history ordained individuals like His Son, Jesus; the Apostle Paul and Timothy to get the Word out. Salvation is His priority for the World. He closed with a A.C. missionary story out of Tanzania.

Breaking the Chains

Sermon: Breaking he Chains
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Does 1 Timothy 6:1-2 support the institution of slavery? Not at all. Pastor Frank makes clear that the Christian community in the Roman Empire was transforming the lives. Even the way Christians caught up in slavery were living was bringing positive change to homes and communities. Jesus has set us free from the chains that bound us. #Lady​ Liberty; #Frederick​ Douglass; #The​ Cross

The Family of God

Sermon: The Family of God
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

This week in the Pastoral Epistles Series; Pastor Frank highlights the persons who make up the ‘Family of God.’ Old and Young. ‘There is an order that God has put together.’ Understanding how this works while appreciating each of the family members God has ordained brings health to every area of one’s life and community.

A Clear Message for Our Times

Sermon: A Clear Message for Our Times
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Pastor Frank’s series in 1 Timothy continues with chapter 4:1-5. We are reminded in this passage that the Spirit of God is clear when He speaks and more than able to get His message across. A warning is given of believers in the last days leaving the church. Demonic teaching emanating from folks whose very souls have been scorched is bringing guilt and confusion to the Church in these last days. Pastor Frank looks at both sex and food and what God wants us to know. You will be encouraged. #sex #diets #marriage #aliens

No Joking Matter

Sermon: No Joking Matter
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Continuing in his Pastoral Epistle’s Series; Pastor Frank challenges us to not only pray for our President; but to pray using his name. He reminds us from 1 Timothy 2:1-4 of the pleasure this brings to our Lord as well as the promises that we too can claim. It’s time we prayed more as a church for the leaders and authorities who serve us from the home to the Capitol. All joking aside.

Opening Words

Sermon: Opening Words
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Pastor Frank began his first sermon for 2021 with three phrases the Apostle Paul used in 1 Timothy 1:1-2. “Christ Jesus, ‘God our Savior’ and ‘Christ Jesus our Hope’ when closely considered were a good Segway into the communion service. This was the first of a series of messages He plans to preach out of the Pastoral Epistles.

Christmas Has Come

Sermon: Christmas Has Come
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Quoting Pastor Frank Jewett, ‘This morning, as we see Christmas coming; I want to get even a little more precise with you. I would suggest the ‘Christmas may be coming, but need to remind all of you Christ followers and you who are seekers that ‘Christmas Has Already Come.’ Pastor used John 1:1-14 to prove his point by focusing in on Jesus, God’s Son, coming to earth; taking on flesh; qualifying to become the sacrifice for our sins. The gift that fits everyone.

Am I Seeing Angels?

Sermon: Am I Seeing Angels?
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Pastor Frank leads us in a study of the angels and their part in the Christ Story. Their visits to Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds. These heavenly beings were a part of Jesus’ life and teaching up to His last breath and beyond. Their purpose and blessing to the believer was fleshed out in the message. A challenge and a warning were given as well.

What The Song Says

Sermon: What The Song Says
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Using phrases out of the familiar Christmas Carol, ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ to support teachings out of John 17; Pastor Frank encourages the believers to ask to receive your gift of salvation; Use your gift when you receive it and be quick to proclaim to others how they can receive their gift. Our blood bought gift is ready to be delivered. It’s time for us to also discover the added benefits that accompany our salvation gift.