For Me; He Died

Sermon: For Me; He Died
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Whenever Jesus repeats something to His disciples, we know that what He is saying something that is important. Pastor Frank has identified, beginning in Matthew 16:2; a repeated statement of he believes God wants us to hear clearly today. Believing these truths will encourage you and strengthen your resolve to live for Jesus confidently in these challenging days.

Bring It To Jesus

Sermon: Bring it to Jesus
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Though Jesus was in need of a place to mourn and refresh Himself; He pushed through to minister to the weak and the sick. Pastor Frank highlights three key statements in Jesus’ Feeding of the five thousand in Mt 14. These key statements are more than relevant for each of us who are following Jesus today. We #his leftovers

Looking Toward the Goal

Sermon: Looking Toward the Goal
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Pastor Frank quotes Rev. Clint Taber saying, ‘everything recorded in the Bible is related to the one theme: God’s formation of a people who would live in fellowship with Him . . .forever.’ The goal is not to be looking at a pile of ashes at the ‘end of the age’ but instead a population of people, where righteousness dwells, where love is supreme, where deception and lying and even death are no longer a part of the human equation. Matthew 13 is Pastor Frank’s text for the message.

The Wrath of God: It’s Optional

Sermon: The Wrath of God: It’s Optional
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Using Psalm 81, Pastor Frank takes us through at least four strong facts that God wants us to know in these days. The security we have in Christ is what is helping many of us get through life’s challenges today. Come learn what God has to say. Watch your faith grow. Let His Spirit fill you with hope.

I Know

Sermon: I Know
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Revelation 2:1-5 is the Scripture Pastor Frank used to encourage the church by pointing out what Jesus knows about us. He is addressing us as church members as well as individuals. In preparation for communion Sunday; Pastor Jewett used vs 5 to call us back to our ‘first love.’

A Tenacious Fisherman

The apostle, Peter, was the subject of Pastor Frank Jewett’s message this Sunday. When the disciple made the decision to follow Jesus; he meant it. The sermon traced Peter’s months of following the one who said, ‘I will make you a fisher of men.’ Tenaciously he held on to the very end and beyond.

At the End of the Rope

Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

The first of a series entitled, At the End of the Rope. Pastor Frank Jewett starts out looking at the father in Mark 9 who brings his sick boy to Jesus. Jesus had just come down from a field trip with three of His disciples where he showed Himself at the Transfiguration. Dad at the end of his rope looked to Jesus’ disciples for help.