Slipping Away

Sermon: Slipping Away
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Pastor Frank’s final sermon at the Advent Christian Church of Haverhill was right out of 2 Timothy 4: 1-6. This was also the last message in his Pastoral Epistles Series. He focused on the nine imperatives that can be found in these verses. An emphasis was on getting the Word out to the world as ‘the world is in free fall.’ He said, ‘If you aren’t personally preaching, you need to be at least supporting the preaching ministry.’ ‘You don’t need to be doing from the pulpit what I have been doing to be an evangelist. Just let your heart and your mouth be accessible to the Holy Spirit.’

Love Abounds

Sermon: Love Abounds
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

As we gathered to observe the Lord’s Supper together we were able to focus on the Love of Christ which gives us life. Pastor Frank pointed out from 2 Timothy 3:1-15 the love of self, money and pleasure that also abounds in the world. The world’s love is ‘epidemic.’ Christ’s love is eternal. We have a choice as to what love we will walk in. Pastor encouraged us to walk in Christ’s love. To appreciate Christ’s work on Calvary that purchased life for us as well as sustains us as we await ‘The Day.’

Some Reflections

Sermon: Some Reflections
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Pastor Frank used 2 Timothy 2:7 to come up with his sermon’s title this week. The first six verses in this chapter are encouragement the Holy Spirit gives to us through Paul’s second letter to Timothy. Frank then reflects on vs 4-6 by highlighting the Paul’s three analogies. Enduring hardship is common to all three types of human activity. The conclusions are obviously worth ‘reflecting on.

Word’s Out

Sermon: Word’s Out
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Using 2 Timothy 1:1-10; Pastor Frank showed us how the Apostle encouraged, his son, Timothy, to join him in suffering for the gospel. God has throughout history ordained individuals like His Son, Jesus; the Apostle Paul and Timothy to get the Word out. Salvation is His priority for the World. He closed with a A.C. missionary story out of Tanzania.

Breaking the Chains

Sermon: Breaking he Chains
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Does 1 Timothy 6:1-2 support the institution of slavery? Not at all. Pastor Frank makes clear that the Christian community in the Roman Empire was transforming the lives. Even the way Christians caught up in slavery were living was bringing positive change to homes and communities. Jesus has set us free from the chains that bound us. #Lady​ Liberty; #Frederick​ Douglass; #The​ Cross

The Family of God

Sermon: The Family of God
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

This week in the Pastoral Epistles Series; Pastor Frank highlights the persons who make up the ‘Family of God.’ Old and Young. ‘There is an order that God has put together.’ Understanding how this works while appreciating each of the family members God has ordained brings health to every area of one’s life and community.

A Clear Message for Our Times

Sermon: A Clear Message for Our Times
Speaker: Rev. Frank Jewett

Pastor Frank’s series in 1 Timothy continues with chapter 4:1-5. We are reminded in this passage that the Spirit of God is clear when He speaks and more than able to get His message across. A warning is given of believers in the last days leaving the church. Demonic teaching emanating from folks whose very souls have been scorched is bringing guilt and confusion to the Church in these last days. Pastor Frank looks at both sex and food and what God wants us to know. You will be encouraged. #sex #diets #marriage #aliens